“I want to thank the extraordinary medical team here at the MGH, who helped not only make this possible, but quite literally saved my life. I would also like to sincerely thank the family of the donor, whose wonderful gift has truly given me the second chance I never thought possible. In sharing this success, it’s my hope we can usher in a bright future for this type of transplantation.” — patient Thomas Manning

Thomas Manning, 64, received the nation’s first penis transplant at the MGH. The genitourinary vascularized composite allograft transplant surgery was performed by a team of more than 30 staff across multiple departments and divisions within the MGH.

The MGH welcomed the final phase of Partners eCare. The entire hospital community had a role in the implementation of the new electronic health record. Partners eCare improves patient care by offering a more integrated health record across all of the hospitals in the Partners HealthCare network and helps teams better coordinate and manage care. In addition, Partners eCare helps make registration, scheduling and billing more efficient and enables information to securely flow throughout the Partners network.

The MGH launched the Clinical Data Science Center, paving the way for a new approach to detecting, diagnosing and treating disease using cognitive computational algorithms such as machine learning and artificial neural networks. The center will use artificial intelligence to build systems and tools that enhance outcomes and improve efficiency. 

The Boston Police Department honored the MGH trauma team for providing exceptional care to two police officers who were wounded in an East Boston shooting in November. Police Commissioner William Evans presented the MGH with a special “Commissioner’s Commendation” recognizing the dedication and skill of the many staff members who cared for the officers. 

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