Have you ever received an email from Partners IT or Human Resources that seemed to be too good to be true? Maybe it was about a laptop giveaway or a bump in your paycheck. Watch out – these types of emails are phishing attempts. In today’s world, a “phish” can appear as a legitimate communication from a trusted source, like Partners. It is everyone’s job to stay alert when looking through the hundreds of emails that we receive every day. We all have the potential to be targeted; no one is immune to a phishing attack.

How can I protect myself?

--Limit the amount of personal information you provide on the internet.
--Use extra caution on mobile devices, as it may be harder to spot discrepancies.
--Do not respond to requests for personal or financial information through email.
--Use different passwords for personal and business accounts.
--Use a second method of contact to verify requests made over email.

When in doubt, do not click or open the email. If you believe you’ve received a phishing email, do not open the message. Please highlight the suspicious message in your Inbox. From the top tool bar in Outlook, select “Actions” then “Forward as Attachment.” Send the message to nospam@partners.org.

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