“I’ve been partying all week,” said Marie Cavallero, as she sat surrounded by friends and family at her 100th birthday party April 24 at the MGH Revere HealthCare Center. Cavallero is a member of the Senior Wellness Program at MGH Revere. The program dedicated its weekly meeting to celebrate its longtime member and marked the occasion with decorations, balloons, gifts and a cake in the shape of “100” covered in flowers.

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigio attended the festivities and presented Cavallero with a certificate on behalf of the city. “I don’t know how Marie does it,” he said. A member of the party was quick to respond, “She never sits still!” to which Cavallero replied, “If you sit too long, you rust.”

The Senior Wellness Program shares the same mantra. Members can take free tai chi and yoga classes to keep their bodies in prime condition and strength training classes to keep joints healthy and muscles moving. 

“Even today we were pulling up to this party in our car and it’s her 100th birthday and she’s getting out of the SUV before the rest of us!” said Robyn Nardone, Cavallero’s granddaughter, who came from New Mexico to join the week of birthday celebrations. “It’s why she’s living independently at 100 years old. This program deserves all the credit.”

Party guests included members of the Senior Wellness program – coordinators Andrea Chaklos and Mike Lenson, and Patricia Simpson, RN – as well as Cavallero’s daughter, Pattie Nardone, who travelled from New Jersey. Other attendees – including Michele McHugh, NP, Cavallero’s nurse practitioner; Amy Wheeler, MD, her primary care physician; and Debra Jacobson, program founder and administrative director of MGH Revere – presented a silver “Revere Bowl” to Cavallero as a gift.

“They ask me how I feel,” said Cavallero. “How am I supposed to feel? I feel the way I’ve always felt – only now I’m 100!”