Visitors to the MGH Mail Center in the Gray/Bigelow Basement are greeted by more than just the welcoming smile of Enid Cruz, of Materials Management. They also are met by a fun, festive, ever-changing handcrafted bulletin board wall.

“As soon as I took the job, I thought having something festive up on the wall would be fun,” says Cruz. “Then the idea just came – I’ll have something different for each season.”

Not only does the display change with the seasons, but also for different holidays. Cruz has created a FedEx box Christmas tree, a leprechaun diving into a pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day and flying love letters in MGH envelopes for Valentine’s Day.

“The spring display is my favorite so far,” she says of the current Easter egg-bunny- and chick-adorned wall – complete with a 3D tree made of tissue paper.

“Enid is very talented with her original, seasonally-themed displays in our MGH Mail Center customer service area,” says Gary Mulrey, senior manager, Materials Management, Receiving and Distribution. “She gets many compliments on her creations, which only brighten our customer visits.”

Cruz has always loved arts and crafts and is full of ideas for future creations. And, she says, the display will never be the same twice. “I like to make a welcoming environment,” says Cruz. “It’s those simple little things that people enjoy. It brings happiness. How can you beat that?”

This article was originally published in the 04/05/19 Hotline issue.