On May 31, the MGH hosted its 23rd annual Workforce Education Program Celebration of Achievement, honoring employees from 25 different countries of origin, speakers of 15 languages and 20 departments across the hospital.

“This is truly a testament to the hospital’s commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said Carlyene Prince-Erickson, director of Employee Education and Leadership Development. “Diversity is counting heads, inclusion is making those heads count.”

Through this year’s Workplace Education Program, 17 employees received their U.S. citizenship and more than 100 employees received completion certificates recognizing their participation in computer or English language classes.

“We are all very proud,” said Peter L. Slavin, MD, MGH president. “In creating more opportunities for yourselves and your families, you are also creating more opportunities for our patients and visitors. Thank you for continuing your great work and for your growing contributions to the MGH.”

MGH Training and Workforce Development partners with JVS, an organization that provides workforce education services, to create classes that allow employees to further their education and learn new skills at work. Students, teachers and volunteers meet from September through May and the program offers convenient early morning or late afternoon sessions to allow staff to attend before or after their work shifts. Program leaders also noted that many students come to the MGH to attend class on their days off or while they are on vacation.

“As someone from the outside looking in, MGH is not just a leader in patient care, but a leader in workforce development,” said Kira Khazatsky, JVS chief program officer. This is the longest running workforce education program in the country and shows that MGH is putting its money where its values are.”

During the celebration, organizers recognized the success of recent Workplace Education Program computer classes for members of MGH Materials Management and Buildings and Grounds who wanted to familiarize themselves with iPads after the department incorporated them into their workflow.

William Stilwell, Jr., of Materials Management, encouraged staff who were interested in taking classes to give it a try. “I am proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks!” he said. 

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