A smiling young man and woman with their arms around each other pose in T-shirts that read, "Andrew Marshall: The Voice."
Olivia Marshall, RN, of the Mass General MICU, and her fiancé, Chris Neumann, of Mass General Police & Security, wear T-shirts supporting her brother, Andrew Marshall, a contestant on “The Voice.” Sales from the shirts raised $1,200 to benefit the hospital’s pediatric oncology unit where Andrew was once a patient.

Staff from departments across Mass General will don gray and red T-shirts tonight, cheering on former patient Andrew Marshall as he takes to the stage on the singing competition “The Voice.”

“It’s surreal,” says Andrew’s sister, Olivia Marshall, RN, who works in the Mass General Medical Intensive Care Unit. “We started this process with him last spring and now he’s going to be singing live on national television tonight. It’s just incredible.”

At the age of 16, Andrew was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, a type of blood cancer that starts in the white blood cells in bone marrow. Five years later—following 3 ½ years of treatment—Andrew now is in remission. Olivia says when he was selected to be a contestant on the NBC show, her colleagues shared in her excitement. “With COVID, it’s been so tough on everybody so when my coworkers found out that Andrew was going to be on ‘The Voice,’ they were just so happy,” she says.

That enthusiasm led to the creation and sales of “Andrew Marshall/The Voice” T-shirts, which raised $1,200—funds that Olivia is donating to the hospital’s pediatric oncology unit where her brother received his care.

A golden retriever in a gray T-shirt that says, "Andrew Marshall: The Voice."

Olivia Marshall’s dog, Ellie, models the T-shirt.

“I’m super excited because I didn’t anticipate raising that kind of money, but the support from staff was really amazing,” Olivia says. “Andrew was first diagnosed when I was in nursing school and my whole family saw the struggles he went through, so now to see him doing so well—it’s huge for us. He’s so resilient. I’m so incredibly proud of him.”

It may be her brother who is sharing his voice during the live telecast, but Olivia also knows firsthand the importance of having a strong voice.

“I’ve wanted to be a nurse since middle or high school. When my grandmother was sick, I saw the way my mom advocated for her and used her knowledge to make sure she had the best care,” says Olivia, whose mother also works at Mass General as a labor and delivery nurse. “I decided that nursing was the right career path for me. The role of the bedside nurse is so important because we are the patients’ advocate and the patients’ voice when they may not feel they have one. I really love being a nurse.”

Andrew Marshall is a member of Team Nick Jonas. Live rounds will begin tonight, Monday, May 10 at 8 pm ET on NBC. These rounds are the final phase of the competition and pit the top contestants against one another, with viewers voting for their favorite artists to continue on to the next rounds. Viewers can vote using The Voice Official App or on the NBC site.