In honor of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, MGH Hotline asked staff to submit their messages of appreciation to the many MGH nurses who have touched lives, inspired others and provided hopeful, constant, compassionate and dedicated care to MGH patients and families. From the staff at Hotline– and all those below – we thank you, nurses, for all that you do every day.

"I want to shout out a huge thanks to the nursing team in the Labor and Delivery Unit. They provided the best possible care for us in a cheery, supportive and always professional way this January when our daughter was born." — Lilla Z.

“I want to thank the cardiac nurses for the feeling of togetherness they created with their care, dedication, enthusiasm, and joyfulness each day at work.” — Carl G.

“Dear Team, I am truly in awe of you each and every day. I am honored and humbled to work beside and with you!”  — Hiyam N.

“To Our PEDI GI and Pedi Liver Transplant nurses: Dedicated, kind, compassionate, deeply committed and caring. Courageous, exemplary, generous, and so loving. Proactive, creative, thoughtful and comforting. Our backbone, our pillars, our team. Where would be without you? In gratitude, always.” — Your Division

“I want to give a shout out to Alisa Arakelian, RN, in the emergency department! She made me feel so at ease and explained everything that was happening. Go Alisa! We need more nurses like her!” — Leigh S.

“To all the most wonderful Pediatric nurses on the inpatient floors, the PICU, outpatient, Pedi OR and Pedi ER. We are indebted to you and send you our appreciation and gratitude. You amaze us with your grace, your commitment and your profound professionalism. We celebrate your achievements, your integral contribution to the care of patients as well as the team. In you, we find, superb colleagues who demonstrate integrity, caring, intellect and utmost service. Indebted, we are.” — Pediatric GI

“I want to recognize the entire staff of PH 20 for the dynamic experiences they routinely provide to the MGH IHP nursing students. I think one of the student nurses put it well, ‘The nurses I was assigned with on Phillips 20 were incredibly welcoming and thoughtful in their teaching and explanations. Each nurse took the time to respond to my questions and went out of their way to show me each new task for patient care they were performing, whether it was medications, wound care, drains, tube feeds, etc. I could not have asked for a more wonderful nursing experience!’ This truly is an example MGH nursing at its best.” — MGH IHP nursing instructor

“We would like to thank all the nurses here at the MGH Diabetes Center for all of their hard work. We have high demands on you all, and you guys never seem to let us down. We truly appreciate all you do here for us and our patients. Thank you,Tiffany Soper, NP; Tiffany Ting, NP; Stephanie Trottier, RN; and Janet Whitley, NP—  MGH Diabetes Center

“I would like to thank Alyssa Hurley, an RN on Ellison 17, for the fantastic care she provides her patients. She is always calm and cool under pressure. She is very knowledgeable about the patient population. She is amazing with patients and family. She also has a great sense of humor. She always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all you do!” — Andrea T.

“A special thank you for the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development, the Maxwell and Eleanor Blum Patient and Family Learning Center, the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research, the Center for Innovations in Care Delivery and the programs and initiatives that are part of the PCS Institute for Patient Care. The nurses who lead or are a part of these programs are world class, the best and the brightest. They are part of the infrastructure that supports exemplary patient care. We are so fortunate to have them as our MGH nurses!”  — Gaurdia B.

“As part of a busy internal medicine primary care practice, I am writing to commend three nurses with whom I work – Annette Moore, RN; Mary Ryan, RN; and Cathy Weaver, RN. Daily they give excellent care to our patients both during triage and onsite visits. They serve with compassion, efficiency, clarity and never with any complaints. Additionally, the three of them are true team players who interact well with the clinical staff and administrative staff both professionally and personally. Kudos to our nurses – they’re the greatest!” — Donna C.

This article was originally published in the 05/04/18 Hotline issue.