Crystal J. J. Yeo, MD, PhD
Neuromuscular Medicine Fellow

When I decided to become a physician, I did not think it was unique to be a woman in medicine. To me, medicine is a calling. I have been free to pursue wonderful opportunities because of strong role models. My mother was brought up in a time when women were expected to stay home. She went into the banking profession and also became an artist. Her strength and creativity inspires me, and her love and support are the wind beneath my wings.

My aunt, a traditional homemaker, looked after me from toddlerhood and her sudden death from heart disease when I was four years old set me on the path to become a doctor.

I have mentors across three continents and they showed me how to be gentle, humble and assertive at the same time. My alma maters have a history of producing strong and witty women.

To all listed, and especially my mother, I owe my successes and achievements. I know that through me, their flames live on. It’s an honor to bear that torch and an honor to pass it on. Because of them, I do the same for anyone who asks for mentorship and guidance.