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Flashback Friday is an installment highlighting stories from MGH history. MGH Hotline spent some spare time in the hospital archives to highlight the 70-year history of the MGH Bowling League. 

“The soft ball enthusiasts of the M.G.H. are now planning a Winter of bowling ending with a dinner and the awarding of a Championship Cup” read the September 1949 edition of The World of MGH, an employee newsletter publication and precursor to MGH Hotline. Seventy years later, MGH employees continue to hit the alley in hopes of hoisting the coveted Championship Cup.

Archival documents from the history of the MGH Bowling League

GUTTERS AND GLORY: Above, a scorecard published in 1950 marks the end of the first season of the MGH Bowling League. Center, the front page of The World of MGH announces the planning committee for the MGH Bowling League in 1949. Far right, The Mighty Plumbers exchange fighting words with the “highly over-rated” Bulb Twisters in a 1952 edition of The World of MGH.