David Brown, MD, chief of the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine, first arrived at Mass General in 1989 as an intern—after receiving his medical degree from Columbia University and undergraduate degree from Princeton University—and has remained here ever since. Soon, Brown will wear another hat, as he takes on the role of interim president and CEO of Cooley Dickinson Hospital. He will lead the Northampton institution on a part-time basis with the same dedication and passion on he has shown in his current role and will continue to oversee the Mass General Department of Emergency Medicine—as well as maintain his major administrative and committee roles at both Mass General and Mass General Brigham (MGB).

Brown is no stranger to Cooley Dickinson Hospital or the community it serves—it was this familiarity that made him an ideal candidate for this new role. He grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he, on occasion, was a patient at the hospital during high school. His father, Norman Brown, MD—who is the reason Brown initially became interested in medicine as a career—is a retired gastroenterologist who practiced for nearly 30 years at Cooley Dickinson, including serving on its Board of Trustees. Years later, Brown followed in his father’s footsteps to also become a member of the Cooley Board of Trustees, after the hospital joined the Mass General family in 2013.

“It has been enjoyable for me, as a trustee, to reconnect with some of my father’s friends and former colleagues,” says Brown. “It has also meant a lot to me, as someone who grew up in the valley, to serve and support the community that I love and where much of my family still lives, and I look forward to further serving the community in this new role.”

For the next few weeks, Brown will spend time with Joanne Marqusee, the outgoing president of Cooley Dickinson Health Care, to learn the ropes and ensure a smooth transition for when he takes over beginning March 8.

“To be clear, I am not leaving Mass General and I will continue to lead the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mass General and across MGB during the time that I also serve as interim president and CEO at Cooley Dickinson,” says Brown. “I have an extremely talented multidisciplinary leadership team in Emergency Medicine at Mass General and am fully confident that together we will continue to execute on all aspects of the mission at the highest level. Provide outstanding emergency care across the spectrum of illness and injury to all patients, from the neonate to the geriatric patient while continuing to train the next generation of emergency medicine leaders; push forward the science of our specialty to improve care into the future; and engage with the communities that we are so proud to serve.”