In preparation for the upcoming Triennial Survey by The Joint Commission, the hospital has invited The Joint Commission to conduct a two-day consultative mock survey on March 3 and March 4.

Two surveyors will visit pre-selected inpatient, procedural, ambulatory and support services areas. They will be accompanied by MGH escorts at all times. At the end of the two-day mock survey, a verbal report will be given to leadership.

“The results of this survey will be educational, and we will use this opportunity to gain valuable insights from our colleagues at The Joint Commission,” says John Belknap, chief compliance officer. “A successful mock survey will result in an improved state of readiness across the institution and support our efforts to continue to Envision Excellence in 2020.”

Focus on Excellence

Envision Excellence for the upcoming Triennial Survey by The Joint Commission by submitting photos of yourself and your colleagues in glasses, sunglasses or silly glasses to show off your 2020 vision for achieving excellent survey results. Send your photos to to be entered to win a prize.