Our staff is available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), during usual business hours. Department communication beyond these hours is accomplished by electronic and/or voicemail systems.

Nursing & Patient Care Services Management Systems and Financial Performance is responsible for the review, analysis and evaluation of management systems and programs within Patient Care Services (PCS). The department provides support to the leadership of PCS departments and programs to assure effective and optimum utilization of personnel, fiscal and material resources.

As primary responsibilities, Patient Care Services Management Systems and Financial Performance:

  • Develops and maintains management systems and statistical databases to provide PCS leadership with information and analysis, to be used in planning and decision-making regarding resource utilization
  • Identifies initiatives, trends, and external and internal changes that may affect resources, and assists in developing strategies to address these changes
  • Evaluates the financial feasibility of current and proposed PCS programs and services, providing analysis and recommendations
  • Manages the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets, monitors budget implementation, and provides analysis of actual experience against projections
  • Develops and monitors information systems which analyze productivity and cost benefit, and relate fiscal management and personnel utilization to objectives and quality of care
  • Provides staff support in the areas of contract & consultant services, as well as human resource policies and practices
  • Collaborates with PCS leadership to develop and implement programs and systems that promote consistent, effective personnel management and positive labor relations
  • Communicates and collaborates with human resources regarding the development of systems related to personnel issues within PCS
  • Communicates and collaborates with administration, finance, human resources, information services and other departments on behalf of PCS to ensure availability, accuracy and timelines of information