Leah Rosenberg, MD, is a physician in Mass General’s Division of Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine.

She and her husband delivered their son Asher with the Mass General Midwifery Service.

Q: Why did you choose the Mass General Midwifery Service?

A: My husband and I chose the Midwifery Program because we were seeking a low-intervention, family-oriented approach to our birth experience. As a Mass General employee, I wanted to receive my obstetric care here, but still envisioned an unmedicated labor and delivery.

Q: What was your birth experience like?

A: Our birth experience honestly could not have been better. Our midwives Annmarie Armstrong, CNM, and Susan Cahill, RN, were absolutely top notch in every way. The birth experience was one of the most empowering and positive moments of my life. The midwives’ communication skills, empathy and kindness transformed the event for my husband and me.

I was able to achieve my hope of a completely unmedicated birth with the majority of my labor completed in a tub. I did not sustain any birth-related injuries. I received no stitches, and I walked around the labor suite shortly after delivery to enjoy the first moments of my son Asher's life with my husband. I felt that I was listened to and made comfortable throughout the experience—it was truly incredible to have a birth like this in a highly advanced medical center like Mass General.

Q: How did you feel about your experience with the midwife team?

A: We received outstanding care from Blake Slack, CNM, throughout our prenatal course. When there was a question of possible induction, she took a thorough and compassionate approach to discussing the risks and benefits of either path. In the end it was not an issue, but she had a non-judgmental, pleasant, informed manner during all our office visits.

Q: If you were telling a friend about the Midwifery Service, what would you say?

A: I am a palliative care specialist at Mass General, so I definitely believe in the value of pain management through medications! However, if a friend of mine was low-risk in terms of their medical condition and hoping for a low-intervention or unmedicated birth, I would certainly suggest choosing the Mass General Midwifery Program for their OB care.

I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with the midwives that we encountered. They truly included my husband in all discussions, and we appreciated their family-centered approach. I felt so safe, supported and understood throughout the entire experience of pregnancy and birth.

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