On August 1, the newest class of fellows started across the nine subspecialties of Mass General’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. During their fellowship year, these clinicians will continue learning the fundamentals of orthopedic surgery and develop specialized skills in their selected discipline. Fellows also have the opportunity to pursue clinical and academic research in one of the many research labs in our department.

Department fellows work closely with Harvard Medical School faculty and attending surgeons to grow and learn throughout their twelve months at Mass General. As an academic teaching hospital, Mass General is responsible for training the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons with one of the strongest educational programs in the country. The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mass General is committed to offering welcoming training and mentorship programs that value diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Orthopedics Training: The Mass General Difference

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 2023 fellows:

  • Berkcan Akpinar, MD (Sports Medicine Service)
  • J Taylor Bellamy, MD (Spine Service)
  • Rohan Bhimani, MD, MBA (Foot and Ankle Service)
  • Amy Birnbaum, MD (Hand & Arm Service)
  • Evan Boyd, MD (Sports Medicine Service)
  • James Burgess, MD (Orthopaedic Trauma Service)
  • Bernard Burgesson, MD (Foot and Ankle Service)
  • Jeffrey Choi, MD (Spine Service)
  • Leah Demetri, MD (Hand & Arm Service)
  • Christopher Frost, MD (Hand & Arm Service)
  • Julian Gatta, MD (Hand & Arm Service)
  • Thomas Hodo, MD, MSc (Orthopaedic Oncology Service)
  • Caroline Hu, MD (Hand & Arm Service)
  • Robert Kay, MD (Hip & Knee Replacement Service)
  • Nathan Kukowski, MD (Spine Service)
  • Arun Kumar, MD (Hip & Knee Replacement Service)
  • Carter Lindborg, MD (Sports Medicine Service)
  • Anna Luan, MD, MS (Hand & Arm Service)
  • John Massoud, MBBS (Children's Orthopaedic Service)
  • Michael Maxwell, MD (Shoulder Service)
  • Manish Mehta, MD (Hand & Arm Service)
  • Bill Mei, MD (Orthopaedic Trauma Service)
  • Anas Minkara, MD (Spine Service)
  • Matthew Poorman, MD (Hip & Knee Replacement Service)
  • Paul Rizk, MD (Orthopaedic Oncology Service)
  • William Runge, MD, MS (Shoulder Service)
  • Zain Sayeed, MD, MHA (Hip & Knee Replacement Service)
  • Daniel Wilson, MD (Hip & Knee Replacement Service)
  • Ayesha Yahya, DO (Foot and Ankle Service)