Orthopaedic Research

Our orthopaedic research has led to transformational changes in patient treatments. Our faculty and staff are working on innovative research developing new materials, improving surgical techniques and designing medical devices.
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    Bioengineering Laboratory

    The Bioengineering Laboratory continues its tradition of innovation and translational research in the area of joint arthroplasty engineering and in vivo biomechanics.

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    Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Lab (FARIL)

    The Foot and Ankle Research and Innovation Lab (FARIL) convenes clinicians and researchers from across the globe to advance patient care through scientific research, product design, and surgeon education.

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    Hand & Arm Research Collaborative

    Mass General’s hand and arm research group is one of the most productive in the field, studying all aspects of hand and arm disease, injury, amputation, transplantation and prosthesis.

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    Harris Orthopaedics Laboratory

    The Harris Orthopaedics Laboratory comprises preclinical biomechanical research and biomaterials testing along with clinical research involving in vivo follow-up of implant performance.

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    Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Research Division

    The Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Research Division is an inter-institutional, multi-disciplinary team dedicated to understanding the human biological and clinical processes associated with traumatic orthopedic injuries.

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    Sarcoma/Oncology Computational Biology Laboratory

    The Sarcoma/Oncology Computational Biology Laboratory conducts cancer genomic/bioinformatics studies in order to detect molecular patterns relevant to tumor outcome and response to conventional or novel treatments.

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