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West AM, Scarborough DM, McInnis KC, Oh LS.
2019: Strength and Motion in the Shoulder, Elbow, and Hip in Softball Windmill Pitchers
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2019: Neuromuscular Control of Vertical Jumps in Female Adolescents
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2019: The relationship of elbow alignment and kinematics on shoulder torque during the softball pitch: a biomechanical analysis of female softball pitchers
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2019: Oestrogen replacement improves bone mineral density in oligo-amenorrhoeic athletes: a randomised clinical trial
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2019: Team Approach: Treatment of Injuries in the Female Athlete: Multidisciplinary Considerations for Women's Sports Medicine Programs
Tanaka MJ
2019: Current topics in women’s sports medicine: evaluation and treatment of the female athlete
West AM, McInnis KC.
2018: Unusual Iliac Crest Stress Fracture in a Marathoner: A Case Presentation
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2018: Sex-based Differences in Common Sports Injuries
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2018: Cardiac Adaption to Exercise Training: the Female Athlete
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2018: Epidemiology of Recurrent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in National Collegiate Athletic Association Sports: The Injury Surveillance Program, 2004-2014
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2017: Estrogen Replacement Improves Verbal Memory and Executive Control in Oligomenorrheic/Amenorrheic Athletes in a Randomized Controlled Trial
2017: Miller EK, Tanaka MJ, LaPorte DM, Humbyrd CJ.
Pregnancy-Related Ligamentous Laxity Mimicking Dynamic Scapholunate Instability: A Case Report
West AM, Scarborough DM, McInnis KC, Oh LS.
2016: Softball Windmill Pitchers: Strength and Motion in the Dominant Versus Non-Dominant Upper and Lower Extremity
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2015: Female Athlete Triad Awareness Among Multispecialty Physicians
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2015: Regional fat depots and their relationship to bone density and microarchitecture in young oligo-amenorrheic athletes
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2015: Bone parameters in relation to attitudes and feelings associated with disordered eating in oligo-amenorrheic athletes, eumenorrheic athletes, and nonathletes
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2015: Altered trabecular bone morphology in adolescent and young adult athletes with menstrual dysfunction
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2015: Fractures in Relation to Menstrual Status and Bone Parameters in Young Athletes
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2014: Body composition, hemodynamic, and biochemical parameters of young female normal-weight oligo-amenorrheic and eumenorrheic athletes and nonathletes