About Lisa Beyer, PA

Lisa works primarily with patients admitted to the Children's Orthopaedics Service and the Foot & Ankle Service and also greatly enjoys caring for patients admitted to other Orthopaedic subspecialties when the need calls for it. Learning from the diversity of populations on various Orthopaedic services is what keeps the approach to optimal patient care fresh and progressive!

Lisa initially worked in the Orthopaedic Spine Center for 14 years, then transitioned to a pioneering role with the Mass General Fracture Liaison Service in a collaborative endeavor with Endocrine Associates, Orthopaedic Trauma and Geriatrics. In this role, the primary focus was to educate and treat patients suffering from fragility (osteoporotic) fractures with the goal of helping to reduce the chance of further fragility fractures.

Lisa aspires to enhance the inpatient experience and beyond by listening to, and channeling, a patient’s unique needs and concerns. She gives patients empowering self-help techniques to assist them as they work to heal themselves - this is where the true magic of healing begins! Some of the lifestyle modifications that Lisa is very passionate about to promote optimal healing, and a return to quality of life, include a focus on a positive mindset, good nutrition, adequate rest, stress reduction techniques and engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis. Celebrating the small accomplishments throughout the healing journey is one of the greatest gifts a patient can give to themselves.

Lisa's schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Boston

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Medical Education

  • BS in Biology, McGill University
  • PA, Weill Cornell Medical College