Before you are discharged from Mass General, it is important for you and your family to make sure:

  • Your questions have been answered.
  • If you are going directly home, remember to ask who will be contacting you to help you recover from your surgery, such as a visiting nurse and when to expect their call.
  • If you are going directly to a rehabilitation facility, remember to confirm where you are going and ask how long you should expect to be there.
  • You understand your discharge instructions that are given to you in writing.
  • You know who to contact with questions or concerns after you leave MGH: Email:; Call: (617) 697-4806; (weekdays); Pager: (617) 280-9956 (emergencies, nights and holidays)
  • You understand what medications you are taking and why. You also understand why these medications may be different than what you were taking before you were hospitalized.
  • You have received prescriptions for your pain medication.
  • You have contacted your PCP to alert them to your recent hospitalization.
  • You have scheduled a follow-up appointment with your orthopedic surgeon.