The Photography Department at Massachusetts General Hospital prints on various types of paper and fabric paper. Prints are custom made for your marketing, research or personal use to fit any type of project.

We offer:

  • Photo prints
  • Wide-format (posters, signage, banners)
  • Marketing Materials (flyers, brochures, presentations)
  • Finishing options (Foam core mount, grommets, laminate)

Poster Printing

Our largest print size is 4x8 posters. We carry standard poster paper, fabric and vinyl.
For large file transfers, use:

Poster Printing Prices

  • $10.00 a square foot for standard and fabric posters
  • $7.00 a square foot on vinyl
  • $4.50 a square foot for any mounted or laminated posters

Poster file should be saved in a .pdf format when sending your print request.