With a focus on prevention and wellness, 101 Merrimac at Massachusetts General Hospital staff offer comprehensive primary care, routine gynecologic care and behavioral health services. Meet the dedicated and experienced members of our team. 


Nurse Practitioners

  • Kerry Cafasso, MSN, ANP-C, Nurse Manager
  • Mary Norato Indeglia, MSN, ANP-C
  • Siena Terenzio


  • Celaine Augustin, LPN
  • Natasha Edwards, RN
  • Kristen Goncalves, RN
  • Kat Heinzelmann, RN
  • Lauren Mazurkiewicz, RN


  • Valerie Mendes, administrative manager

Medical Assistants

  • Melany Bustamante Gomez, medical assistant
  • Melissa Martinez, medical assistant
  • Wendy Pomales, medical assistant
  • Richard Santangelo, medical assistant
  • Eddie Smith, medical assistant
  • Georgina Thompson, medical assistant

Behavioral Health Support Specialist

  • Lauren Bachman-Streitfield, LCSW

Resident Physicians

As the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, Mass General is proud to educate the next generation of providers. We have 12 resident physicians:

  • Chantal Barksdale, MD
  • Ruth Choa, MD
  • Dani Crabtree. MD
  • Alyssa Greenhouse, MD
  • Akshita Gupta, MD
  • Jordon Jaggers, MD
  • Haya Jamali, MD
  • Karine Liu, MD
  • Natasha Merali, MD
  • Gabrielle Mezochow, MD
  • Natalia Sutherland, MD
  • Sara Tait, MD
  • Amy Zheng, MD