Resources at MGH Back Bay

New PatientsFind information to help you make the most of your visit to MGH Back Bay.

Adult PatientsWhether you need primary care services, a specialist or counseling help and support, MGH Back Bay clinicians work together with adult patients to provide expert medical services that are caring and personalized.

Pediatric PatientsMGH Back Bay offers comprehensive primary care and age-appropriate health screenings designed to keep your child healthy, as well as diagnostic work-ups and treatment for more serious conditions.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFind answers to frequently asked questions about MGH Back Bay.

Outside Resources

We often recommend the following resources to our patients: 

KidsHealth: Reference and helpful information for kids health

National Resources Defense Council: Questions about mercury in fish

Bedsider Birth Control Support Network: Questions and education material on sexual health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Questions on Immunizations and vaccine safety

My Fitness Pal: Questions on fitness and health