We embrace a personalized approach along with new technology and creative initiatives to improve patient’s health care.

Internal Medicine Associates (IMA) provides convenient access to all the hospital’s resources, including a complete range of diagnostic services within the building. This includes laboratories for specimen collection and EKGs, pulmonary function testing, imaging services, physical therapy, behavioral therapy and social services.

Primary Care

Health care providers at IMA perform routine physical exams, and help to coordinate treatment of complex medical problems and referrals to specialists. We also offer our patients preventive services and wellness programs.

After-hours Coverage

We provide physician coverage for all our existing patients, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Please call your physician’s office to reach the on-call physician. Patients with medical emergencies should call 911.

Crimson Care

The Crimson Care Collaborative provides Tuesday evening urgent care appointments for IMA patients. Patients see a team of medical and nurse practitioner students from both Harvard Medical School and the Mass General Institute of Health Professionals alongside an IMA staff physician. While patients benefit from this quality care, it is also a learning opportunity for students who are pursuing careers in primary care.

IMA Urgent Care/Access Unit

The IMA Urgent Care/Access Unit provides existing IMA patients with scheduled appointments for immediate medical needs when they cannot be seen by their primary care physician (PCP). The center is staffed by IMA physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners who coordinate with the patient's PCP. The Unit can provide IV fluids and IV antibiotics, perform minor procedures, obtain lab tests and x-rays, and can help patients avoid trips to the Emergency Room. To request an urgent appointment, our patients should call their physician's main office number.

Diabetes Education and Self-management Program

Our Diabetic Nurse educator, certified by the American Diabetes Association, hosts educational sessions to coach our patients with diabetes on proper diet and self-care. Both individual and group sessions are available. Please refer to the diabetes practice bulletin board for upcoming dates and specific information.

Nutrition Services

Our nutrition services are provided by registered and licensed medical dieticians who work with IMA patients and their families to help them better manage their health through proper diet. The nutrition team plays a special role in the dietary management of patients with many different chronic conditions including, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Behavioral Health Services

Our behavioral Health Services Specialists work with care team to help manage depression and anxiety. You will be able to talk to your support specialist, by phone or in person, about your symptoms and how your treatment is working. They can also help with access to mental health services.

Recovery Coach

Our Recovery Coach addresses SUD/AUD needs, through advocacy, peer support, collaboration with care teams, referrals for care and assistance accessing community support and networking. In collaboration with the patient's care team, a treatment plan is established based on the patient having identified goals they can meet. Many patients become motivated to address their SUD and seek appropriate care, based on the understanding and non-judgmental approach of the care teams, in collaboration with the insider's approach the Recovery Coach's addition makes to the team.

On-site Research and Teaching Activities

IMA providers are continually making contributions to the progress of health care. This includes conducting research to advance medical knowledge and procedures, teaching at Harvard Medical School, and working with our more than 60 resident physicians and more than 150 students to enhance their training.

Patients may choose to participate in research studies or allow students to participate in their appointment. Please speak with an IMA health care provider for more information.