Archived presentations from an educational program presented by faculty from the Department of Psychiatry at Mass General.

November 18, 2017

This event provides an opportunity for individuals coping with emotional and interpersonal difficulties, their family, friends, treaters and others to learn about psychodynamic psychotherapy and become actively involved in the treatment of someone they care about. The program offers meaningful guidance and clinical expertise from academic clinicians.

Watch archived presentations from the event.

Individual Therapy: A Different Kind of Relationship that Promotes Healing 
Robert J. Waldinger, MD

Couples Therapy: Saving the Dance
Jacqueline Olds, MD & Richard Schwartz, MD

Group Therapy: The Power of the Group to Change Relationship Patterns
Kathy Ulman, PhD

Combining Therapy with Medication Management: Understanding the Medication Experience
Brian J. Schulman, MD

This program is made possible by anonymous donors who have given generously to support this program.