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conversations-mental-health-gilman-medical-marjiuana. conversations-mental-health-gilman-medical-marjiuana. As we all attempt to find our new normal after years of pandemic living, it’s evident that this will involve an immense societal need to

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Mental Health Challenges for College Students

Transitions can be hard for anyone, but new college freshmen who also need to make a plan for their mental health needs require a specific set of tools for coping with this important life milestone. Learn more about preparing for mental health challenges in college.

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What to do with COVID Anger

Following news of yet another potential surge in COVID-19 cases driven by the subvariant of Omicron, many people are facing an uncomfortable feeling: anger.

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Delivering Resiliency and Wellness Programs to Medical Center Staff

Before COVID-19 was even identified, Ethan Lester, PhD, assistant director (clinical) of the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry’s Center for Health Outcomes and Interdisciplinary Research (CHOIR) and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, was already concerned with the emotional well-being of healthcare workers who often experience high levels of job-related stress, occupational burnout and secondary/vicarious trauma.

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