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The Intervention Clinical Trials Program at Massachusetts General Hospital has three primary research objectives:

  1. Developing new medications to treat unresponsive symptoms
    We research new medications and treatments to treat psychosis (hallucinations, delusions and disorganization), cognition (memory and attention) and negative symptoms (apathy, social withdrawal and loss of emotional expressiveness). The development of new treatments is guided by new findings in genetics and neuroimaging.
  2. Improving existing medications
    We seek to improve existing options through such strategies as combining medication, optimizing dosing and improving compliance.
  3. Mitigating side effects and medical complications associated with these medications
    We have made groundbreaking progress in understanding the mechanisms by which certain antipsychotics cause weight gain and may increase the risk for diabetes. We are looking at experimental alternatives that could prevent these side effects.

We also investigate how certain medications elevate prolactin and the long-term health consequences.

Research Projects

To learn more about ongoing clinical trials, please call 617-912-7864 to talk with one of our research coordinators.


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