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For Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

Bridge Clinic recovery coachThe Bridge Clinic offers immediate access to substance use disorder. We are here to support you in your journey by welcoming you with compassionate, non-judgmental and personalized care. We value individual differences and aim to create an environment that welcomes all races, ethnicities, languages, gender/sexual identity and ability, and walks of life.

Our Mission

  • Immediate access: Walk-in and scheduled visits within 24-48 hours of a referral are available and can include access to medication when appropriate
  • Low threshold: There are no requirements to access treatment. We offer virtual, telephone, and in-person visits and aim to have a flexible schedule that suits your needs
  • Person-centered: The goals are defined by you and driven by you. How you decide to begin or continue your recovery journey will be a collaborative process with your provider
  • Transitional care: This is one of many doors that will be available for treatment. Our goal is to get you treated, stabilized, then support you in transitioning to long-term treatment. The Bridge Clinic has an open-door policy, meaning you can always return if needed

Our Services

  • Medication for treatment of substance use disorders
  • Treatment of all substance use disorders (alcohol, stimulants, opioids, cocaine, benzodiazepines, cannabis etc.)
  • Peer support throughout your recovery
  • Referrals to community resources such as housing, transportation, food, employment, identification cards, and mobile phones
  • Co-treatment of other medical and psychiatric conditions such as depression/anxiety, infection related to substance use
  • Harm reduction services and resources
  • Overdose education and access to naloxone
  • Bridge to long-term providers

Bridge Clinic Team

  • Dinah Applewhite, MD, Associate Medical Director
  • Laura Kehoe, MD, MPH
  • Jessica Gray, MD
  • Eugene Lambert, MD
  • Lorrie Jacobsohn, CNS, Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Madeleine Travis, NP
  • Michele Allen, RN, Office Based Addiction Treatment Registered Nurse
  • Decima Prescott, RN, Office Based Addiction Treatment Registered Nurse
  • Joanna Streck, PhD, Psychologist
  • Abigail Judge, PhD, Psychologist
  • Melissa Gomez, Patient Services Coordinator
  • Marvalynn Bailey, Patient Services Coordinator
  • Stephen Keizer, Recovery Coach
  • Monique Horton, Recovery Coach
  • Lovelee Harvey, Recovery Coach
  • Sophia Volcy, Resource Specialist
  • Michelle McDonald, Practice Manager
  • Jasmine Irvin, Administrative Manager