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The Center for Cross-Cultural Student Emotional Wellness is a consortium of clinicians, educators and researchers centered at at Massachusetts General Hospital. This group of professionals is passionate about understanding the emotional wellness issues faced by international students and promotes cross-cultural and international student emotional wellness through a three-fold mission:

  • Education programs and primary prevention
  • Research projects
  • Consultation, treatment and referrals for care

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Fast Facts: Did You Know?

  • Chinese students now make up nearly 30% of all international students in the United States—a six-fold proportional increase over the past 15 years
  • Asian Americans age 15-24 have higher rates of suicidal thoughts than Caucasian Americans in the same age group
  • Asian American women age 15-24 have the second-highest rate of completed suicide of any race/ethnicity in that age group—second only to Native Americans
  • “Tiger-parenting” is utilized by only a minority of Asian parents and has been associated with worse academic and mental health outcomes


  • 教育以及基础预防
  • 学术研究
  • 咨询、治疗以及转诊介绍

To learn more about our program, visit our full website.

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  • 现在,中国留学生几乎占据全部在美留学生的30%,这一比例在过去的十五年里增长了6倍!
  • 在15-24岁这一年龄范围内,相比白种人,更多的华裔有过自杀的想法。

  • 各个种族自杀率的统计表明,15-24岁的华裔女性高居第二,仅次于美国印地安人。

  • 仅有少数亚洲父母采用“虎妈”式的严苛教育方式,但这种教育方式与学业成绩落后和心理问题都有关联。