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*Please note: On December 5, we moved to the Mass General Wang Building CPC Floor 3.

The Intravenous Ketamine Clinic for Depression at Massachusetts General Hospital combines advanced psychopharmacology expertise with knowledge stemming from a decade of ketamine research. We offer treatment for patients 15 years and older with severe and refractory depression using the medication ketamine given through intravenous infusion or through the nose (intranasal). We work collaboratively with the outpatient treatment team to develop an appropriate plan for each patient.

Our Focus

As a part of the Depression Clinical and Research Program at Mass General, we are committed to advancing our knowledge and ability to treat depression by integrating clinical care and innovative research. We do this through a number of avenues:

  • Our consultation services
  • The ketamine intravenous (IV) infusion service and intranasal ketamine clinic
  • Research studies focused on ketamine treatment

After a thorough consultation process, we offer IV infusions and intranasal ketamine maintenance to patients with severe depression or chronic suicidal ideation.

Infusion Treatment


Ketamine treatment may be covered by your insurance, but to be sure please contact your insurer for updated information. The coverage of ketamine treatments is rapidly evolving at this time.

  • Nathan Praschan, MD
  • Sahand BabapoorFarrokhran, MD (Clinical Fellow)
  • Yoonju Cho, MD (Clinical Fellow)


Our Research




  • Ketamine Non-Responders Exhibit Pathological Increases in Extracellular Free Water Following Treatment–New Evidence of Astrocyte Pathology in Depression. Peyda S, Sydnor VJ, Kubicki M, Karayumak SC, Cheung J, Felicione JM, Shenton ME, Akeju-Johnson O, Pasternak O, Deckersbach T, Cusin C. Annual Meeting of American Society Clinical Pathology, Miami, May 29-June 1, 2018
  • Gender Differences in the Response to and Tolerability of Ketamine as a Treatment for Acute Depression. Freeman MP, Papakostas G, Hoeppner B, Mazzone E, Judge H, Cusin C, Mathew S, Sanacora G, Iosifescu D, Trivedi M, Fava M. Annual Meeting of American Society Clinical Pathology, Miami, May 29-June 1, 2018