Massachusetts General Hospital is committed to ensuring that all patients, regardless of race, ethnicity and primary language spoken, receive exceptional, evidence-based care.

Working with members of the Mass General community, the Disparities Solutions Center, led by Dr. Joseph Betancourt, MGH/MGPO senior vice president for Equity and Community Health, has been promoting equity in health care for all patients.

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male physician taking a male patient’s blood pressure
Joseph Betancourt, MD, with a patient.

Annual Report

We report our performance in the Annual Report on Equity in Health Care Quality.

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Mass General Structural Equity 10-Point Plan

Mass General Brigham recently announced the United Against Racism initiative, a sweeping system-wide approach outlining broad social justice and equity goals and strategies. Against that backdrop, Mass General is letting its community know how it is looking to support, complement and build upon that work with a plan specific for its institution.

The Mass General Structural Equity 10-Point Plan will bring unprecedented resources and a new and higher level of leadership and accountability to eliminate racism and achieve equity and social justice.

Graphic of the care continuum

Initiative 4 of the 10-point plan assures equity in access to and delivery of clinical care, patient experience, and the quality and safety of care. Given that there are long standing and significant racial and ethnic disparities in access to and quality of health care, this initiative’s goal is to improve access to care, and identify and eliminate disparities in health care.

Efforts are underway to identify and eliminate disparities in all aspects of the care continuum, from the patient’s doorstep, to accessing primary and specialty care in the community, to the bedside, and back to the doorstep following recovery.