Consortia for Improving Medicine w/ Innovation & Technology

A network of world-class academic and medical institutions partnering with industry and government to foster collaboration and accelerate innovative healthcare technologies.

Accelerating Healthcare Innovation

We aim to foster entrepreneurial healthcare innovation focused on the areas of greatest opportunity for technology to make transformational change in the current paradigm of patient care.

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Accelerator Initiative

To find, fund and facilitate new health tech innovations.

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CoLab is a secure, cloud-based, collaboration platform that enables institutions and networks to more effectively stimulate, support, manage and measure healthcare innovation.

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CRAASH is a 10 session program over 12 weeks that facilitates the acceleration of healthcare innovations emerging from academic labs or start-ups into commercialization and clinical practice.

Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology (CIMIT)

CIMIT accelerates innovation in healthcare by facilitating collaboration among clinicians, healthcare managers, technologists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to develop and implement leading-edge products, services, and procedures that improve patient care.