The Consortia for Improving Medicine integrates talented and inquiring minds from academia, healthcare, engineering labs, scientific research and industry.

Our Growing Network

CIMIT was formed in 1998 as a “center without walls,” linking four leading academic research centers in the greater Boston area.

It now includes 13 of Boston’s strongest academic medical centers, universities, and a growing network of national and international affiliates. Starting from a foundation in medical devices, diagnostics, and procedures, the scope has grown to address the full spectrum of medical innovation including e-health, drugs, and biologics.



National Affiliates:

International Affiliates:

Long-term Commitment to Dual-Benefit Innovations with the DoD

Since its founding, CIMIT has had a highly productive relationship with the US Department of Defense, sharing the mission to address the healthcare needs of warfighters as well as civilians resulting in dual-benefit solutions. Much of CIMIT's early, and part of its ongoing, funding has been from the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.