BL2 Tissue Culture Facility

  1. Eleven biological safety cabinets
  2. Four phase contrast microscopes
  3. Three double unit Forma Scientific water jacketed incubators
  4. Eleven single unit Thermo Scientific Series II water jacketed incubators
  5. Four Beckman (GS6R) and one Eppendorf (5810R) centrifuges
  6. Four isotemp waterbaths
  7. Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26 XP high performance centrifuge fitted with JE-5.0 elutriation system

Genomics Facility

  1. Affymetrix 417 microarrayer, and Affymetrix 418 microarray scanner
  2. LI-COR Odyssey®CLx Imaging system
  3. Stratagene Mx3005p qPCR for quantitative 96-well plate RT-PCR
  4. ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR System 384 wells plate platform
  5. Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100
  6. NanoDrop 1000 micro-volume UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  7. Melanie II 2D gel processing software
  8. Becton-Dickinson Cell Lab Quanta SC Fluorescence cell cytometer
  9. Magpix Multiplexing Platform

Imaging and Morphology Facility

  1. Amnis ImageStream MKII, Imaging Flow Cytometer
  2. Six inverted (Nikon, Olympus), two stereo (Nikon, Olympus), and two upright (Nikon, Zeiss), one with a dual head (Nikon).
  3. Upright (Nikon Eclipse 800) and five inverted (Zeiss 200M, Zeiss Axiovet 10, Nikon Diaphot 300, Olympus IMT-2, Life Technologies EVOS FL) models.
  4. Metamorph (Universal Imaging) and AxioVision (Zeiss) hardware and software packages.
  5. Infinimite Video System (Edmund Scientific).
  6. a VIP 2000 tissue processor, a Tissue-Tek embedding console.
  7. Jung 820 rotary microtome and a Leica 3050S cryomicrotome.
  8. Reichert Ultracut S ultramicrotome, and a darkroom for film and paper processing
  9. Zeiss PALM System.

Cell, Tissue and Organ Preservation Facilities

  1. Dedicated GLP-like area with two clinical-grade organ perfusion devices (Organ Assist, Groningen, The Netherlands)
  2. Siemens RapidPoint500 blood gas analyzer
  3. 3 BL2 hoods with small and large-scale perfusion systems
  4. Three small and two porcine/human scale perfusion systems
  5. 2 controlled rate freezers, Planer Kryo 560 and Planer Kryo 10
  6. 4 controlled temperature chillers (Engel MHD13) and custom-built organ cooling chambers
  7. Fill-it device (Tap biosystems, UK) for automated vial filling and capping

Mass Spectrometry Facility

  1. AB Sciex 6600 Tripletof High Resolution Mass Spectrometer
  2. HP 6890 Gas chromatograph-HP 5973 MSD Mass Spectrometer
  3. HP 1100 Series LC-MSD-spectrometer
  4. Agilent GC-MS 5873 Turbo equipped with 5975 C Inert XL EI/CI MSD, with Triple-Axis Detector and model 7693
  5. Heli FANas Plus Automatic Breath Test System