You can use these resources to answer your questions and prepare for your visit to the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Gastrointestinal & Oncologic Surgery.

Below are what patients should expect when coming to the hospital for endocrine surgery:

  • Patients should anticipate spending most of the day in the hospital on the day of surgery. There will be time both before surgery for preparation and after surgery for recovery. You will likely be in the hospital for six to eight hours on the date of your surgery
  • Patients are expected to be accessible by phone the day of the procedure in case there are changes in scheduling. If you are unable to be reached, there is a chance your case could be canceled
  • For patients having surgery at Mass General, please provide your family members with the number for the surgical waiting area: 617-726-2078. Family members can call this number on the day of surgery to get information and updates
  • Please contact your surgeon for questions and/or issues following surgery. Your surgeon will provide you and your family members with the appropriate contact information, which you should ensure that you have in your possession when you leave the hospital. Please be aware that there is always someone on call and available to assist you if needed
  • Expect a post-operative call within the first few days following your procedure. You will get a second call one to two weeks following surgery to review final pathology and the follow-up plan. In the rare event you do not receive a call, please call your surgeon’s office to be sure you have reviewed your surgical results and discussed potential need for follow-up

Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.  

To Reach Your Surgeon, Please Call