The MGH aims to provide excellent patient care, train the next generation of leaders, advance health care through innovative research and serve the local community every day. The following excerpts are from videos of four residents in the MGH Surgical Residency Program, who share their experiences as students, clinicians, researchers and members of the MGH family. The residents discussed their expectations, preconceived notions, what led them to choose the MGH and the experiences that have surprised them during their years here.

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Asishana Osho
Asishana Osho, MD
Fifth year resident

Can you speak to the diversity in Boston and at the MGH?

I was exposed to a bit more diversity in North Carolina than I have been in Boston, but it’s changing. I think in my five years here it has changed a fair amount. Around the hospital, there are a lot of academics and forward-thinking people, which helps. Certainly some interactions have not been as openminded as I would like, but I take that as an opportunity to educate people and move things forward. The Surgery residency has changed a lot since I’ve been here. Our diversity numbers are improving. People are realizing it’s necessary–not just because it’s a thing you want to have, but it’s clear from research that having a diverse workforce makes you better.

Dana Schwartz
Dana Schwartz, MD
Chief resident

Describe the hospital’s support of your dual roles as mom and doctor.

There are a number of really strong women attendings that are role models here. Their support has been great because you feel like you’re not reinventing the wheel, and there are people to turn to who have done this before. My training has been the same as my male colleagues, and I’m getting the same experience from that perspective.

Numa Perez
Numa Perez, MD
Fourth year resident

Why do you feel you belong at MGH?

I belong because I’ve never felt like I don’t. I’ve never felt out of place or treated differently. I’m given the same opportunities and support. My leadership responds to my emails as fast as anyone else’s. I’ve never felt that I was treated differently because of how I look or because I grew up in El Salvador. I’ve never felt singled out. That’s why I feel I belong here.

Sahael Stapleton
Sahael Stapleton, MD
Fourth year resident

What drew you to MGH?

For me there were multiple draws. As far as Mass General in particular, I was a bit intimidated by the Bulfinch Building and the granite and just by the brand – centuries of excellence and progress. Looking around I asked myself, “Do they look like me? Do they think like me? Can I cut it intellectually, academically? Do I enjoy the same TV shows or restaurants?” So far, I haven’t been disappointed.

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