Several education and training leaders from the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital attended Education Week 2022, hosted by the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) and Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS).

Leaders in education and training at Mass General’s Department of Surgery at the Surgical Education Week 2022
Leaders in education and training at Mass General’s Department of Surgery at the Surgical Education Week 2022.

Our Participation at Surgical Education Week 2022

Nominations and Selections

  • Emily Witt, was nominated as the student representative of the ASE Program Committee
  • Alyssa Pradarelli, MD, David Cron, MD, MS, and Gazi Rashid, MD, were accepted into the ASE SERF program
  • Taylor Coe, MD, graduated from the ASE SELF program
  • Denise Gee, MD, will continue on the ASE Program Committee and serve as chair of the ASE Awards Committee
  • Roy Phitayakorn, MD, will continue as the research grant chair for the ASE Foundation Research Committee and will serve as the chair of the ASE Program Committee.
  • Emil Petrusa, PhD, continues to serve on the SERF faculty and the ASE Foundation Board
  • Petrusa and Dr. Phitayakorn served as podium moderators
  • Petrusa and Kristen Jogerst, MD, moderated an ASE poster session
  • Gee and Dr. Phitayakorn hosted the ASE Banquet Awards Ceremony

APDS Awards

  • Trey Sinyard, MD, received the award for the best APDS presentation

ASE Awards

  • Pradarelli received the ASE Foundation Research Gold grant
  • Rashid received the ASE Foundation Research Gold grant 

APDS Presentations

  • Sinyard:
    • Gaps in Practice Management Skills After Training
    • Becoming Effective Senior Surgical Trainees (BESST)
  • Jogerst:
    • Interprofessional Trauma Team Training: Leveraging Each Specialties’ Expertise to Teach Procedural-Based Skills

ASE Presentations

  • Emily Witt: The Operating Room as a Medical Student Learning Environment
  • Doug Cassidy, MD, and Dr. Jogerst: Simulation Versus Reality: What Can Interprofessional Simulation Teach Us About Team Dynamics in the Trauma Bay? (PI: James Takayesu)
  • Roi Anteby: Preparing to Retire from Surgery
  • Cron: Implementation of an Academic Development Rotation for Surgery Residents

APDS Posters

  • Jogerst: Teaching Residents How to Complete Patient Handoffs: Recommendations for Curricula Development from a National Needs Assessment