In an interview for PBS NewsHour’s Future of Work series, Massachusetts General Hospital Surgeon Ozanan Meireles, MD, and General Surgery Resident Daniel Hashimoto, MD, MS, discuss their work in developing software that is smart enough to offer sound advice in the midst of surgery. They say the future of employing artificial intelligence in the operating room is attainable.

The PBS segment shows clips of Dr. Meireles performing a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, or stapling a patient’s stomach. Dr. Meireles explains that, hypothetically, software using computer vision and artificial intelligence could provide useful recommendations to assist surgeons with some of the complexities of this particular procedure.

Dr. Meireles is a general surgeon in the General & Gastrointestinal Surgery program and the director of Mass General’s Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory (SAIIL). Dr. Hashimoto is a SAIIL fellow and general surgery resident, who co-founded SAIIL along with Dr. Meireles. Both envision a day when surgeons can instantly draw on the latest and best recommendations to help make decisions that result in positive, long-term results for patients.

Watch the PBS NewsHour segment.