And welcome to the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Transgender Health Program. Launched in July 2018, this cross-divisional clinic embodies Mass General’s mission to deliver the highest quality of care to every patient in a culturally sensitive, compassionate, and respectful manner.

A Network of Transgender Clinical Care

Within the Department of Medicine, this is an integrated practice of primary medical care, behavioral health, and subspecialty care services for the transgender community. It provides a safe, affirming, and inclusive environment for transgender patients and their families. It utilizes services linked to and invested in the community, including trans-identified staff, community navigators, embedded social work services, dedicated financial services, and team-based medical providers.

In addition to serving as the hospital’s hub for transgender care, the providers operate an interdisciplinary transgender health consultation service to guide and train other clinics and inpatient units. The Transgender Health Program is involved in an ongoing review and redesign of policies, forms, processes, and elements of the physical environment to ensure a consistently gender-affirming experience for all patients and staff throughout the hospital and affiliated sites.

A Leader in Transgender Patient-Centered, Community-Based Research

Mass General has a tradition of advancing health care through patient-centered research. By partnering existing resources in the Department of Medicine and Mass General with expertise at Harvard Medical School, the integrated model of multi-specialty transgender care and electronic medical record enhancements will utilize community-based, participatory research methods and allow unprecedented advances in transgender health.

A Center of Excellence in Transgender Health Education

Advancing education is at the core of the Mass General mission. The Transgender Health Program provides educational opportunities for all trainees affiliated with the Department of Medicine, including those based at Harvard Medical School, clinical providers throughout the hospital, and regional and national audiences.

Creating a World-Class Center of Excellence for Transgender Medicine

The Transgender Health Program has clear goals: to develop a world-class center of excellence in care for transgender people, to engage the transgender community, to become a leader in patient-centered and community-based transgender research, and to educate health care providers and the community about transgender-specific health needs and best practices. We welcome you to explore our program, clinical offerings, and educational opportunities.


Your Transgender Health Program Team