The Transgender Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital is a multidisciplinary, collaborative team of providers and staff who work together to provide a gender-affirming experience for all patients.

Transgender Health Program Team

Adult Medicine

Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Clinical Social Worker

  • Kit Rainboth, LICSW
    Pronouns: they/them


  • Romi Peters, RN
    Pronouns: she/her

Medical Assistant

  • Denia Francisque
    Pronouns: she/her

Patient Services Coordinator

  • Joyce McCann
    Pronouns: she/her

Surgical Coordinator

  • Ellie Mitchell
    Pronouns: she/they

Surgical Nurse

  • Leah, RN
    Pronouns: she/her

Affiliated Clinicians



Obstetrics & Gynecology

Physical Therapy

  • Meghan Z. Markowski, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD
  • Arianna Mitropoulos, PT, DPT

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery