Thank you for referring your patient to the Mass General Brigham Liver Transplant Program.

A representative will work directly with your patient to schedule an appointment and assist with registration if needed. If requested, you will be notified of appointment when details become available.

If an appointment is needed within 72 hours, please call us at 877-716-8440.

Liver Transplant Evaluation—Requested Documents

To facilitate the evaluation process, we would like to request your help in working with the patient and their longitudinal providers to gather the following information. Please let your patient know that our team is here to assist in the process and answer any questions, and that we will need to review the below documents and imaging prior to scheduling an appointment.

Requested Checklist:

  • Detailed medical summary including state of current condition, current medications, past medical history, surgeries and other co-morbid conditions, and any medical treatment or management of the current condition. Please include colonoscopy and/or endoscopy results and surgical procedure reports
  • Most recent labs including: BMP, LFTs, CBC, INR, tumor markers (AFP and CA 19-9), hepatitis A, B, and C serologies, any additional pertinent labs and ABO blood typing
  • All available imaging studies, including CT, MRI, ultrasounds, X-rays. Please request for imaging to be sent to us directly from the performing facility
  • Please send disk with imaging data OVERNIGHT to:
    • 55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114 Warren Building 7th FL, RM 735
    • Fed Ex Billing: 134239506
    • Internal Billing: 1200 MG 7230
  • Liver biopsy pathology report (if performed)
  • Cardiac data (if performed) including EKG, echocardiogram, stress testing and right or left heart catheterization
  • Age appropriate cancer screening including pap smear report, mammography and chest imaging as indicated for smoking history

Please fax information to (617) 643-5576 and call (877) 716-8440 with any questions.

If your patient has not previously received medical care at Mass General Brigham, we will need to get them set up with a medical record number before we can proceed with scheduling. Please feel free to give a copy of this form to the patient so that they can contact outpatient registration at 1-866-211-6588 to obtain a medical record number. We encourage them to reach out to us for assistance and complete this step as soon as possible so that we can move forward with their transplant evaluation appointment.