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Request an appointment or second opinion. Appointments available in-person, as virtual visits, and at our community network locations. We will work with you to determine the best type of visit for you. Next day appointments are available.
Infusion front desk
Infusion front desk

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Visitor Policy

Please note that no visitors are currently permitted in outpatient settings.

Video: Keeping Patients & Staff Safe

Ease concerns about coming to the hospital because of the pandemic by hearing how we are keeping patients and staff safe.

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits are conducted through your phone, electronic device, or computer and allow you to see and talk to your provider face-to-face.

Find a doctor

Find a Doctor

View a list of our medical oncologists and find contact information.

Find a location

Visitor Information

Find information about directions, our locations and more.

Billing, Insurance & Financial Assistance

Billing, Insurance & Financial Assistance

Learn about our billing and insurance policies and Mass General’s financial assistance options.

International Patients

International Patients

Learn why thousands of international patients from more than 140 countries choose Mass General.

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Patient Gateway

Check upcoming appointments, communicate with your care team, review medications and pay medical bills.

Video: How the Cancer Center is Keeping Patients and Staff Safe

The Mass General Cancer Center is ready, willing, and able to see patients. Patients may have some anxiety about coming to the hospital because of the pandemic, but ease some of those concerns by hearing how we are keeping patients and staff safe.

Questions? We're here to help you

For additional help choosing a doctor or making an appointment, please call the Mass General Cancer Center at 877-726-5130 (Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm).