The Andrew L. Warshaw, MD Institute for Pancreatic Cancer Research is a collaborative of scientists, oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and interventional endoscopists who share a focus on pancreatic cancer and related tumors. Our mission is to extend and improve the lives of patients with pancreatic cancer. Our ultimate goal is to find cures for a disease that is diagnosed late and is all too frequently fatal.

Andrew L. Warshaw, MD
Andrew L. Warshaw, MD

We hope to accomplish this mission through research aimed at understanding the fundamental cellular and molecular biology of pancreatic cancer. That understanding will allow us to develop new screening and diagnostic tools and to discover innovative therapies for treating the disease. Current evidence indicates that a multidisciplinary effort, exemplified by the Warshaw Institute, will be required.

Scientists at the institute use genetic engineering, genomic and proteomic analysis, and culture and propagation of human pancreatic cancer tissues to dissect the processes that make cells form a cancer. In so doing, we hope to find clues to prevent or halt that rogue growth and metastatic spread.

The Warshaw Institute funds competitive grants for innovative research and the infrastructure necessary to maintain and update a clinically annotated, genetically characterized tissue repository, as well as a clinical database for qualified investigators.

Our website provides up-to-date progress reports of the Institute's accomplishments and publications on pancreatic cancer research. We hope you will be our partner in this quest.


Andrew L. Warshaw, MD
Senior Consultant, International and Regional Clinical Relations, Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass General Brigham
W. Gerald Austen Distinguished Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Surgeon-in-Chief, Emeritus, Massachusetts General Hospital