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    The Story Project: Maggie Joyce, RN

    Over the last nine weeks, Maggie Joyce, RN has changed the way that she defines being a nurse. Working from home, making connections with new patients, and working on activating a number of new clinical trials has defined this transitional period for Maggie and other nurses at the Cancer Center.

    • staff story

    The Story Project: Nicole Laurino, RN

    When called upon to serve a vulnerable population, Nicole Laurino, RN, volunteered her skills to help treat patients with COVID-19. Over the course of the pandemic, Nicole and her fellow nurses from different departments within Mass General came together to treat these patients with compassion.

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    Cancer and COVID-19: Dr. David Ryan Talks with Cancer Center Nurse Leads

    Dr. Dave Ryan talks with the Cancer Center’s ambulatory nursing leadership and discuss how the COVID-19 crisis impacted their separate units, how they have responded during this time, the stressors they face, and how all of the amazing nurses and APPs have stepped up for patients and each other.

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