A new COVID-19 symptom research app is recruiting millions of Americans, including healthcare professionals, cancer patients and survivors, to beat the disease.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic grips the US, a new free app is helping to track the onset and progression of symptoms of millions across the nation. The app will help identify those at risk sooner, and help slow the outbreak of the disease. Information about those who remain symptom-free will also support better understanding of COVID-19. The research is being led by Andrew T. Chan, MD, MPH at Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Professor Christopher Gardner at Stanford Medical, healthcare science company ZOE and Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, UK, where the app already has close to 2 million users providing critical information to researchers every day.

The COVID Symptom Tracker asks contributors to answer a few simple questions about themselves and their current health, then check-in every day to say whether they’re feeling fine or have noticed any new symptoms. Anyone can take part by downloading the free COVID Symptom Tracker app on iOS from the Apple App store or Android from the Google Play store through covid.joinzoe.com

In response to recommendations by Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), the app also includes questions for cancer patients and survivors, such as if they are living with cancer, what type of cancer, what treatment they are receiving, if they are in a clinical trial and where they are receiving treatment. Read more in the press release here.

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