John McLeod

Back in October of 2011, my doctor informed me that I had cancer. When you receive a cancer diagnosis you initially find yourself lost with no bearings. There are no words to describe it.

Right away, I was put in touch with Dr. Blaszkowsky at the Mass General Cancer Center. I met Dr. Blaszkowsky on my fifty-first birthday, so I consider he and the cancer care team to be the best birthday present I've ever had!

A few years after my diagnosis Dr. Blaszkowsky accepted the position of Medical Director at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Cancer Center, and I decided to follow him to NWH. I truly appreciate the close-knit environment and personalized care offered at Newton-Wellesley. Every time I leave an appointment with my care team, I have answers to all my questions and I know we are working on the best possible plan!