About Pabliny Soares

Specialty: Oncology massage
Education/Training: Elizabeth Grady School, 2016
Certifications: Oncology Massage Therapy; Medical Massage Practitioner; Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist; Certified Infant Massage Teacher
Years in practice: Since 2016
Years at MGHCC: Since 2021

What drew you to your specialty? I have always been passionate in helping others and believe that massage therapy is essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

What is your favorite part of your job? Being able to provide touch therapy to patients, offering some gentle and caring touch and the power of simply being present for them.

What would you like to tell patients and their families about integrative therapies and your specialty? Patients need support during and after treatment, and integrative therapies can help them by providing some relief and comfort from skilled touch that can provide both physical and psychological benefits for the patient.

Departments, Centers & Programs: