About Jackie Cardarelli-Matte, LICSW

Jackie Cardarelli-Matte has been with the Mass General Cancer Center since the start of her clinical social work career in 2016. In her time in Oncology, Jackie has developed a practice focusing on quality of life and advocacy for patients, families, and their varied needs. She is committed to her patients, families, and team members with a collaborative, strengths-based approach. She works with her patients throughout the treatment trajectory, including adjusting to diagnosis and treatment, survivorship, or end-of-life care and support. Jackie has a special clinical interest in the needs of the AYA population and has been involved in innovative individual and group approaches to supporting this population. She is eager to continue her contributions to the growth of this important program. Outside of MGH, Jackie enjoys spending time with family (human and canine) and camping and hiking whenever she can.

Departments, Centers & Programs: