About the PACT Program

Cancer in a parent or grandparent affects every family member, including children of all ages. For many adults, worry about the children they love is one of the most difficult parts of coping with a diagnosis.

The Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program offers parenting consultations to adults treated in the Mass General Cancer Center—inpatient or outpatient, at any stage of illness—who are caring for children from infants to young adults. As a parent, you are the expert on the strengths and needs of your children. The team’s child psychologists and psychiatrists have a deep understanding of how a parent’s cancer can affect children. Together, we will find ways to help your children thrive throughout your cancer treatment.

Thanks to generous donor support, there is no charge to patients for our service.

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What should I expect during a meeting?
A clinician will speak with the person receiving treatment or, if requested, a co-parent (we do not meet directly with children). We will start by learning about your family’s unique strengths, needs and values, then talk about specific ways you and other trusted adults can support your children. Follow-up is flexible and we will schedule additional conversations as needed. Trained hospital interpreters are available to assist conversations with parents who speak languages other than English.

When and where is PACT support available?
Consultations are scheduled on weekdays during business hours, usually over the phone or with a video call so you will not need to travel to the hospital. If you have questions that can’t wait, let us know—we can often talk with you the same day, or the day after you contact us. We check email and voicemail frequently Mon-Fri, and a clinician will respond to you within a business day.

To request an appointment, or learn more:

  • Ask someone on your oncology team to reach out to PACT.
  • Leave a message on the PACT team’s voicemail (617-724-7272)
  • Email us (mghpact@partners.org)

Meet the Team

As part of the multi-disciplinary Cancer Center team, PACT Program clinicians are committed to providing professional and compassionate consultation to families who are facing the challenges of a parent’s serious illness. The child psychologists and psychiatrists on our team have years of experience working with children and parents, and we continue to learn from the wisdom of the parents and grandparents we serve.


  • Learn more about how to talk to kids about a cancer diagnosis in this article featuring Cindy Moore, PhD
  • The PACT website provides a wealth of information for adults caring for children affected by a loved one’s cancer, and is available in English and Spanish
  • Download the PACT Toolkit to Help Educators Support Children of Parents with Serious Illness