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Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your health. A cancer diagnosis can be a new beginning to quitting.

The Mass General Cancer Center Smokefree Support Service (MGH SSS) provides a free, phone-based, one-on-one tobacco counseling resource for all Cancer Center patients. Phone-based counseling provides information and guidance in an effective and convenient way. Our certified tobacco treatment counselors will help you set and reach your own health goals – whether that is cutting back on the amount you smoke, quitting completely, or staying smoke-free after quitting.

Our service is available in both English and Spanish. Additionally, translation services can be utilized for interested patients who speak other languages. We are inclusive of all patients regardless of insurance coverage status or medical or psychiatric history.

What to expect from this service

All patients identified as tobacco users upon visiting the Mass General Cancer Center will be referred to the Smokefree Support Service. You may also request a referral from your clinician to speak with a tobacco treatment counselor at any time. Additionally, you may choose to reach out to us directly, either by email at mghccsmokefree@partners.org if you have any questions.

Our counseling service is patient-centered and personalized to your specific needs, and particularly to your diagnosis and treatment. Counseling sessions will introduce skills and tools to help you cope with cravings, identify and avoid smoking triggers, and manage stress. In addition, the tobacco counselor will provide you with information regarding ways to access affordable or no-cost quit-smoking medications, which are proven to assist smokers to quit.

Counseling when convenient for you

Most of our counseling sessions are held over the phone at a scheduled time that works for you. We can also meet with you during your treatment visits. The number of calls or visits will range based on your needs.


I don’t smoke currently. Can I still participate?

Yes! We work with all patients with any smoking history.

I smoke but I don’t do it a lot. Can I still participate?

Whether you smoke every-day, socially, infrequently, or have recently quit, our counselors can assist you in setting and reaching your tobacco-related health goals, identifying and avoiding potential triggers for smoking, and practicing strategies for managing stress.

What is the cost of participating in this service?

There is no cost to yourself or your insurance for utilizing our service.

How often do I need to speak with a counselor to be in the program?

The number of calls or visits can range based on your needs.

My provider recommended that I try medications to help me quit smoking. Where can I get these?

Our counselors will take into account your medication preferences, medical history, and current medication list to recommend a quit-smoking medication that may be safe and effective for you. They can also assist you in exploring your options for accessing affordable or no-cost medications.

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