About Janette Z. Lawrence, MS, LCGC

Ms. Lawrence has been a genetic counselor since 2005. She is a bilingual Spanish-English speaker who grew up in Puerto Rico but has enjoyed living in the Northeast since 1999. Ms. Lawrence attended Rutgers University for her undergraduate studies where she received her bachelor of arts in biology. She went on to receive her master of science in Genetic Counseling at Brandeis University. Before joining the Mass General Cancer Center in 2010, Ms. Lawrence worked in pediatric genetics at Upstate Medical University Hospital in Syracuse, NY and at Children’s Hospital Boston. Based at the Mass General Cancer Center in Waltham, Ms. Lawrence sees patients for a variety of cancer predisposition syndromes. Outside of clinic, Ms. Lawrence recently collaborated with other researchers in Boston on the psychosocial factors in persons with familial pancreatic cancer risk, and has helped organize a conference for patients and families with hereditary pancreatic cancer.

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