About Shelley R. McCormick, MS, LCGC

Ms. McCormick joined the Center for Cancer Risk Assessment in 2015. She is a licensed genetic counselor, having earned a master’s degree in Genetic Counseling from Brandeis University and a bachelor of arts in Behavioral Biology from The Johns Hopkins University in 2001. After graduating from Brandeis in 2005, she joined the Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she provided clinical genetic counseling and worked on a number of research projects. Ms. McCormick’s previous research activities focused on the use of teleconferencing technology to provide genetic counseling to patients in remote areas. Her current research activities are focused on understanding the experience and outcomes of patients who undergo multi-gene panel testing. At the CCRA, Ms. McCormick provides risk assessment and genetic counseling services in the Prostate, Breast/Ovarian, and GI Cancer Genetics clinics at the MGH Main Campus in Boston. She currently serves on the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Genetic Counselors.

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